A living library of
bird vocalizations

Join a growing community of citizen scientists

A living library of bird vocalizations

To live sustainably and have a healthy planet, we must understand how the systems which we depend on function.

Birds are a critical component of virtually every ecosystem on earth, and their fate is intertwined with ours.

Powered By BirdNET

BirdNET uses a neural network to identify birds by the sounds they make, and is a joint project between the K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Chemnitz University of Technology.

Why We Study Birds

Studying birds and bird populations is a way to further our understanding of the ecosystems that support all life on earth (including humans). Changes in bird populations and their behavior can tell us a great deal about the impacts of climate change, drought, weather, and habitat change.


A Global Community

Using the BirdNET artificial neural network, BirdWeather is continuously listening to a growing number of citizen science stations around the globe.


In Your Own Backyard

With your own BirdWeather station, you're not only contributing to the global community, you can identify and track the species in your own backyard!


Join the BirdWeather Community

Our open approach supports a growing list of ways to participate.

Since going live on Nov 4, 2021 we've heard
... different species vocalize ... times across ... locations.

BirdWeather PUC


We’re excited to introduce PUC (Physical Universe Codec) - our AI powered bioacoustics platform. Packed with dual microphones, WiFi/BLE, GPS, environmental sensors, and a built-in neural engine, all in a weatherproof enclosure, PUC is ready to capture all that nature can throw at it!

(Shipping May 2023)

Use your PUC as a ...

Portable Nature Recorder

  • uSD Card | 32GB included
  • Stereo 48kHz | Sound Level Activated
  • Environmental | Configurable Recording Rate

Backyard BirdWeather Station

Set up your PUC outside and we’ll continuously listen for any birds in your backyard soundscape, posting all detections to BirdWeather

Drop-Off BidWeather Recorder

Leave PUC in a safe place for a few days, and after retrieving it, we’ll process all of the collected data, posting all detections and soundscapes to BirdWeather for detailed analysis

BirdWeather App Remote Microphone

Install PUC on your backpack with the included (strap) clip, then connect to the BirdWeather mobile app for high fidelity realtime detections on your hike, with live notifications on your iPhone or Apple Watch


Processing / Wireless

  • ESP32-S3 MCU
    (Integrated 2.4G WiFi / Bluetooth + AI Neural Engine)


  • 2x Vesper VM3011 MEMs microphones


  • Low-Power GPS Module
  • Ultra Precision Real Time Clock
PCB-top PCB-bottom

Environmental Sensors

  • AI-Powered Enviro Sensor 
(Temp, Humidity, Pressure, VOC, AQI, CO2)
  • 11-Channel Spectral Light Sensor
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer/Magnetometer


  • 3x AA Battery (Alkaline, Rechargeable, Lithium)
  • uSD Card Slot / 32GB uSD Card (included)
  • USB-C Data Connection (waterproof)
  • 3x RGB LED (Controllable via App)
  • Audible Buzzer (80dB - Controllable via App)
  • Tripod Adapter (included)

BirdWeather in your pocket

Our BirdWeather Mobile App is now available in the App Store for iPhone/iPad! With the BirdWeather app, you’ve got the full power of the BirdNET AI in your pocket. Featuring:

  • Continuously listens for bird sounds with on-board AI processing!
  • Post your detections/soundscapes to the BirdWeather site (optional)
  • Cached detections/soundscapes when you’re out of coverage
  • Support for external microphones (Wired-USB, Bluetooth, Headset, PUC)

An Open Library for Research

From the beginning, we built BirdWeather to be an open system, with multiple ways for researchers to pull data from the library.


Our User Friendly Data Explorer