About BirdWeather

What is BirdWeather?
BirdWeather is a visualization platform that, using the BirdNET artificial neural network (a type of machine learning algorithm), is continuously listening to over 200 active audio stations around the world and is actively plotting their results in a user-friendly map interface. We built BirdWeather to be a living library of bird vocalizations accessible to users via online map tools.

What is BirdNET? (From the BirdNET site)
BirdNET is a joint research project between The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Chemnitz University of Technology that is “mainly focused on the detection and classification of avian sounds using machine learning … [with the aim to] assist experts and citizen scientist in their work of monitoring and protecting our birds.
BirdNET is a research platform that aims at recognizing birds by sound at scale. We support various hardware and operating systems such as Arduino microcontrollers, the Raspberry Pi, smartphones, web browsers, workstation PCs, and even cloud services. BirdNET is a citizen science platform as well as an analysis software for extremely large collections of audio. BirdNET aims to provide innovative tools for conservationists, biologists, and birders alike.”Read more about BirdNET at: https://birdnet.cornell.edu/

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