Station Types

BirdWeather currently supports detections on (5) types of stations :

Fixed Denotes a Fixed Location station, running the BirdNET artificial neural network locally. Most of these are currently implemented on a Raspberry Pi. You can learn more about these in the BirdNET-Pi GitHub repo.
Mobile Denotes a Mobile station, using the BirdWeather mobile app, running BirdNET locally on a mobile device (currently iOS only).
YouTube Denotes a YouTube Live Stream.
These can be everything from backyard feeder cams to eagle nest cams to nature preserves. Clicking on one of these will play the YouTube stream, so you're able to see & hear as any detections come through.
Audio Denotes a Live Audio Stream.
Most are from the Locosonus Project - many of them are also using Raspberry Pi(s)! Clicking on one of these streams will allow you to listen to the live audio and see a live spectrogram.
PUC Denotes a BirdWeather PUC.
An audio recording device can be left at a given location for any length of time, then after retrieval, run through a BirdNET script, with the results then being posted to BirdWeather as they occurred.

BirdWeather is also pulling in detections from the BirdNET iOS and Android Mobile App, as well as the eBird Recent Observations API. Once a species has been selected, you can add heatmaps for BirdNET and eBird sightings.