You can now use our automated form to create your BirdWeather ID:
You’ll first need to create an account
Once that’s done - you can create and manage your station here
Make sure that the Latitude and Longitude match what is in your BirdNET-Pi configuration.

Copy and paste the command below on a Raspberry Pi running the latest Raspberry Pi OS Lite (64-bit) image to install BirdNET-Pi


curl -s | bash

What BirdNET-Pi Does

  • 24/7 recording and automatic identification of bird songs, chirps, and peeps using BirdNET machine learning
  • Automatic extraction and cataloguing of bird clips from full-length recordings
  • Tools to visualize your recorded bird data and analyze trends
  • Live audio stream and spectrogram
  • Automatic disk space management that periodically purges old audio files
  • BirdWeather integration
  • Web interface access to all data and logs provided by Caddy
  • GoTTY Web Terminal
  • Tiny File Manager
  • FTP server included
  • SQLite3 Database
  • Adminer database maintenance
  • phpSysInfo
  • Apprise Notifications supporting 70+ notification platforms
  • Localization supported